High School Education Project background

The US-Ireland is creating materials to teach American high school students about Ireland and Northern Ireland.  If an American high school student could get a week of Ireland in their History and English/Lit classes, the hope would be that a high school teacher will  take students to Ireland the way language students take their students to France or Spain.  Our target audience is 16 year-olds.  This will be introductory level. It will be delivered on the Internet.  

It is important that the materials be informative yet also presented in a way that makes it interesting to our demographic.  The program is intended to interest a next generation in the island. 

The prominent individuals who have agreed to serve on the advisory committee for the project may be found here:  http://bit.ly/sZs930

We have also met with RTE and the Irish Times about the project, both agreed to participate. 

Created materials include a video based on Eavan Boland’s poem about The Famine, That the science of cartography is limited. We have also recorded several actors reciting their favorite W.B. Yeats poems. We provide these materials directly to high schools. To learn more, contact Alliance president Trina Vargo. vargo (at) us-irelandalliance.org